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  • Noah Wallace

Videography vs. Video Production. How are they Different?

In the world of visual storytelling, the terms "videography" and "video production" are often used interchangeably.  While similar, these two disciplines have different processes, objectives, and skill sets.  I’m often asked about these differences so let’s peel the onion for this matchlight blog.

A videographer filming students dancing
Harlem NY - The Greenhouse Art's Institute


Videography: Capturing Moments, Creating Art

At its core, videography focuses on the art of capturing moving images in the most beautiful way possible. It involves composition, lighting, framing, with the intent of bringing the best possible video to life. Videographers, akin to artists behind the lens, wield cameras as their primary tools to document events and create stunning visual content.


The essence of videography lies in its simplicity and spontaneity. Videographers typically emphasize creativity and image quality over narrative and story.   They excel in adapting, harnessing natural light, and capturing raw, unscripted moments that document an event in the most stunning way.  We at matchlight have great videographers and artists but also go well beyond with a team of dedicated professionals that can help you find the story that can transform a moment into a production that facilitates connection.


Video Production: – Orchestrating Vision, Elevating Story, Creating connection.

Building on videography's focus on capturing beautiful images; Video production brings vision, elevates story and requires a greater focus on planning, scripting, and editing enabling your vision to come to life.   We at matchlight will work with you every step of the way.  From preproduction where we sit down with you to understand your brand/ your products & services/ desired story to be told.; To scripting where we collaborate on the artistry of great story telling before filming and editing.   We have years of experience in creating visually stunning productions that connect on a deeper human level.   We have a team of professionals, that can include producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, that work in tandem to translate your vision into a piece that will drive results.   



Matchlight, Your Story, Our Expertise

So yes, we  have great videographers that capture amazing images but matchlight excels in stitching those images together in a thoughtful production that moves the heart and mind.       Here at matchlight, that is our expertise.   We work on productions of all sizes and shapes, but one thing remains consistent, you and your story will be at the center of what we do.   


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